Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Washington v. Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada LLC

$104,000,000 verdict against drug manufacturer and distributor - District Court, Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 12, 2011. Retired Air Force mechanic contracted Hepatitis C from routine medical procedure. His was part of large outbreak of infections traced to multi-dosing from large vials of the sedative Propofol. The Jury awarded compensatory damages of $7 Million each to husband and wife and ordered the manufacturer, Teva Parenteral Medicines, Inc. to pay punitive damages of $60 Million and the distributor, Baxter Healthcare Corp. to pay punitive damages of $30 Million. This award was # 7 in the Top Ten Jury Verdicts for 2011. FR's Co-counsel - Patti Wise of Edward M. Bernstein and Associates and Matt Sharp, both of Las Vegas, NV. For details, go to our news page.

Estate of Murphy v. Seven Crown Resorts and Westerbeke Corporation

Confidential settlement prior to trial - March, 2013, 10-A-612210-C, District Court for Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas). An 11 year old playing on a raft beside a houseboat his family rented for a vacation on Lake Mead was asphyxiated by carbon monoxide laden exhaust. Marine generators typically emit very high concentrations of deadly carbon monoxide, up to 300 times more than an automobile. The resort boat owner ignored warnings that such exhaust should have been vented from a tall stack rather than at water level. FR's Co-counsel - Sam Harding of Las Vegas, NV. For details, go to our news page.

Doe v. Doe

Wrongful Death jury verdict for plaintiff - confidential settlement. - Superior Court, King County, (Seattle), Washington, October, 2012. A commercial transportation association claimed that its driver was an independent contractor and refused to take responsibility for a horrific traffic collision that resulted in the death of Friedman Rubin’s client.  After the association’s insurer rejected the plaintiff's policy limits offer, a six day trial on the issue of agency took place and the jury returned a unanimous verdict in plaintiff's favor.  The case subsequently settled for many times the association's insurance policy limit.  Ken Friedman and Lincoln Sieler were trial counsel.

Doe v. Doe

$5,860,000 verdict for traumatic brain injury - Superior Court, King County, (Seattle) Washington, May 27, 2009. Head-on collision left client with a fractured leg, contusions and a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Having rejected plaintiff's $1.25 Million policy limit demand, PEMCO Insurance Co. had unlimited exposure. At trial PEMCO offered $2 Million, then $2.5 Million. Jury ultimately returned verdict for $5.86 Million. FR's Co-counsel - Ed Harper, Kirkland, WA. For details, go to our news page.

Gniffke v. Sysco Asian Foods, Inc.

$4,080,000 verdict for Injured Motorcyclist - District Court, Ramsey County, (St. Paul), Minnesota. June 18, 2014. Motorcycle rider on way to the grocery store was cut off by a delivery truck which pulled into left turn lane before making a hard right turn. Rider was forced to stop short and suffered severe head injury when his head hit the pavement. FR's Co-counsel - Ken White, Mankato, MN. For more details, go to our news page.

Martin v. Lauk

$3,087,000 verdict for traumatic brain injury - Jefferson County, Golden, Colorado, October 20, 2009. Rear-end collision left client with a "mild" traumatic brain injury (TBI) that deprived him of the ability to operate truck dispatching business. The $3.1 Million verdict was reported to be the largest personal injury verdict ever in Jefferson County, Colorado. FR's Co-counsel - Rich Kaudy, Denver, CO. For more details, go to our news page.

Mills v. Van Buren Public Schools

$4,000,000 verdict for death of child - Circuit Court, Wayne County (Detroit) Michigan, September 28, 2006. Five-year-old Mikel Mills was fatally injured when he was hit, dragged and eventually run over by a school bus owned by Van Buren Public Schools. Plaintiff parents, aunt and grandmother sought damages under the Wrongful Death Act and otherwise, including damages for the boy's conscious pain and suffering. The aunt and grandmother had separate claims for negligent infliction of emotional distress. FR's Co-counsel - Paul Zebrowski, Shelby Township, MI.

Fulwiler v. C-Tran

$2,000,000 settlement for family of boy run over by city bus - Vancouver, Washington, September 1, 2015. Eleven-year-old Ben Fulwiler was fatally injured when a C-TRAN bus driver made a left-hand turn and collided with Ben’s bike in the crosswalk. The youth was run over by the rear wheels of the bus and died later at a hospital. While the Vancouver Police Department concluded that the boy was at fault in the accident, FR’s investigation revealed that the police department conducted a biased investigation. FR's evidence included a secret police policy to extend "professional courtesy" to C-Tran drivers and other governmental workers, effectively looking the other way at traffic violations. A fair review of the evidence showed the collision to be the fault of C-Tran. FR's Team was led by Mike White and Ken Friedman. FR's Co-counsel - Jim Sellers, Vancouver, WA. For more details, see the following news stories - KPTV and KOIN.

Schwartz v. F/V The Arctic Orion

$6,750,000 for injury to fisherman - U.S. Dist. Ct., D. Alaska, Feb. 15, 1994. Crew member inadvertently engages crabbing equipment resulting in skull fracture to crewmate. After the trial court granted partial summary judgment to plaintiff, the parties structured a settlement.

Lutes v. Rotschy, Inc.

$700,000 for woman with mild traumatic brain injury - Clark County Superior Court, Vancouver, Washington, January 12, 2007. Woman involved car accident experienced personality changes and loss of concentration. It was later determined that she had suffered a closed-head, mild traumatic brain injury from the automobile accident.

Estate of Stokes v. Alaska Airlines

Francisco, California. Wrongful death on behalf of relatives of woman killed in crash of Alaska Air Flight 261. Confidential Settlement.

Estate of Cork v. Peninsula Airways

US District Court, Alaska. Wrongful Death on behalf of survivors of man killed in plane crash. Confidential Settlement.

Ronning & Solvik v. American Seafood, Inc.

$1.4 million jury verdict for two seamen, one with shattered knee, one with shattered ankle.

Logan v. Laidlaw

Eight year old girl hit by car while crossing street to reach school bus stop. Serious, permanent brain injuries. Confidential settlement.

Murray v. UNOCAL

Oil worker fell from platform and sustained paraplegic injuries. Confidential settlement.

*Disclaimer: Many of the judgments entered were larger than the verdicts, due to the addition of statutory interest, attorney fees and/or costs. Many of the verdicts were either reduced on appeal, or settled for amounts less than the judgment. These cases and results are a sampling of results achieved. This does not constitute a promise, guarantee or warranty of any kind. Results differ from case to case.

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